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Personal Reflections: A Crypto Journey

By Anja Claus

I discovered the world of crypto during the Covid lockdowns. Many crypto novices did, looking for different ways to connect with the world, and for some new form of hope and possibility. It was also the perfect way to put all our extra Covid down time to good use.

I was actually guided towards crypto however by a different (but surprisingly similar) search for connection and hope, via astrology. As I fell deeper into the sensations of loss and confusion during the lonely and dear-inducing lockdowns I was whisked away into the world of Instagram and Youtube; vehicles that carried me on new adventures across the globe.

I’d lay in bed for hours pretending I was somewhere else, exploring places full of potential for growth and pleasure. A place of positive energies.

During these virtual trips I happened upon many astrologers with big hearts, deep convictions, and profound understandings of the human condition.

Specifically in the powers and workings of the human archetypes and their influences on one another. These lovely folks guided me out from under my heavy, seemingly lead-filled blankets, held my hands and took me deep into myself—to unpack the shadows within and repack my tool box with authenticity and the underlying essence-of-Anja. It's been a rough ride, but a loving one.

And it's definitely not over, it's a life-long journey.

To my surprise, along the way, I discovered the world of crypto!

I fell in love, fast and hard. With Bitcoin at first. And then more and more sexy crypto coins. All glittering gems on the web of Blockchain. Even more surprising was who took me there, these very same Astrologers. They guided me from the world of the human/cosmos connection to the radical world of blockchain currency.

The more I listened in—to the online world of astrology—the more I discovered how many of these same individuals were passionate about Bitcoin as well. They seemed to relish in its possibility, probability, and autonomy.

And I could see the overlapping of these systems, interweaving in their pursuit for greater understanding. Astrology and Crypto aligned.

- Possibility: No boundaries to learning novel understandings of our inner selves and our connection to the cosmos. No boundaries to learning new ways of putting blockchain to use for the higher good.

- Probability: A space to stretch our comfort of the unknown, but possible. A space to stretch our comfort of the unknown, but possible.

- Autonomy: No limits to self-directing freedom, moral independence and personally guided direction in discovering and embracing our human-cosmos connection. No limits to self-directing freedom, moral independence and personally guided direction in traveling and investing in the blockchain space. These are the very same reasons I fell in love with crypto (and astrology). And perhaps a bit of a cosmic itch from the gambling bug of my birth-chart Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, in the 5th House:)


Anja Claus was a student turned collaborator for The Crypto Ethic.

She remains so truly passionate about the World of Crypto - and her enthusiasm is infectious!

If you would like to contact her to discover more about her journey into this space or to ask her any questions about her experience on The Crypto Ethic course use the e-mail address: and direct it to Anja.

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