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A Powerful, Inspiring & Comprehensive 3 Month Crypto Program


This is an incredible opportunity to build your crypto confidence 


That you are here, reading this, is testament to your desire to learn about Crypto; and not just through a haphazard array of random YouTube videos, articles, and podcasts but through a comprehensive program which guides you step by step through the essential elements of the space and holds you within a deep and supportive container.

There is no doubt about it, this program is a truly exhilerating and empowering journey.

A journey that doesn't just introduce you to all the essential elements of crypto; bitcoin, strategy, digital wallets  (which it does) but that also works on a deeper level to help heal your relationship to money and help you grow through your money blocks. 

And so, with that, I wholeheartedly invite you to dive in, to open yourself with courage and commitment to all that this journey offers' you.

When will it be time to heal your relationship to money, if not now?

When will it be time to finally take the time to build your confidence and understanding of crypto and bitcoin, if not now?

There is a time for procrastination, over-thinking, delaying - but it is not now.

You are here. You are present. And there is just one step between you and greater crypto knowledge and financial healing - the application - and taking that step shows the Universe you are ready to.. GROW

What doors will this knowledge and healing open for you? 

Is it time to find out?

Are you ready to walk the path of growth, with me as your guide?


Tansy Baigent

Founder & Lead Coach


Your connection to Tansy

This short video is where you will discover the program details through my telling of them... including who the course is intended for, what Crypto is, the three 3 part process of the program, the practical details and much more!

Watching the entire video is required to apply. 

Month One: Topics


  • Bitcoin fundamentals

  • How to buy Bitcoin 

  • Options of where to hold your Bitcoin

  • Sending money into the space

  • Storing your keychains & passwords

  • Staying safe in the space

  • Altcoins

  • Sending coins around the space

  • Creating a strategy

Month 2: Topics

  • Blockchain Technology

  • The psychology 

  • Staying calm

  • Centralised vs Decentralised Finance

  • News & Traditional Markets

  • Decentralized wallets and exchanges

Month 3: Topics

  • Learning to read a financial chart

  • Setting up your chart

  • Indicators

  • Crypto market

  • Trading (buying low, selling high)

Explore The Program Offerings 

12 x Recorded Classes

2x new recorded classes released every month

Online Content & Resources

Online content to support your learning and guide you step by step through more technical parts of the program

Accountability Groups

Accountability groups created with your peers to keep you on-track and motivated

12 x Live Coaching / Q&A Calls

2x live coaching calls per month for additional support, guidance, and answers to questions

Online Community

Connect, support and share ideas with your peers in the program and with the wider Crypto Ethic community

Lifetime Access 

Lifetime access to all recorded content

12 x Live Healing/Meditation/Workshops

2x live powerful healings, meditations or workshops every month*

*includes offerings by external  practitioners'

2x Private Review Calls

All program participants receive 2x FREE 30 min deep dive review calls to discuss individual needs

Completion Certificate

Receive a signed certificate of completion to acknowledge full attendance of the program with all steps completed.  

Check These Days To Your Calendar

While you are strongly encouraged to attend all the LIVE (online) coaching sessions, we will record these and add them to the member's area.

However, the live (online) meditation sessions and live healings' and workshops will not be recorded - due to the personal nature of these sessions - and so you must attend these live to ensure you receive the powerful attunement and wisdom that they will provide.

If you cannot attend these dates/times, you can attend the program via the recordings alone and we will offer you the opportunity to book onto any live healings should you wish to do so (this you can discuss with the team)

Next Launch Date: 15 JANUARY 2022



All dates and times are posted in UK, London Time.*
See time zone converter here

Every* SUNDAY: 7pm - 10:30pm

Group Meditation/Ritual, Class Recording (release), Coaching/Q&A

*each program will be 15 weeks, as there will be 1 week off between each month


2nd & 3rd MONDAY of month : 8pm - 9pm

A Workshop/Healing/Coaching Call or Q&A

*If these days/times are difficult for you, you can still apply,

and we will discuss different options for you if you are provisionally accepted into the program.


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Fill Out Your Application

The application is a way for us to meet 'you', and to discover a little more about why you wish to apply. This is a supported and powerful journey and we seek those who are committed to their growth and their success. 


The application will not take you long (5 mins) and as soon as it has been received we will read it, and we will reach out within a day or two to let you know if it has been accepted. If accepted this will enable you to meet Tansy directly and book onto the Program.

The application is simply a registration of your interest and  does not guarantee you a place on the program, nor does it commit you to joining.


Know that your responses are completely confidential. The only individuals who will ever see them will be me and your support team.

I want to apply to be considered for this incredible

Crypto Program!

Course Group Shot to Use_2021.png



We want to make sure that this program is 100% the right program for you!


Within the first 14 days of starting the program, if you don't feel that this is the right program for you, then you can ask for your money back. You'll receive a full refund and you'll be excused from the program and all related groups.

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