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Crypto Education and Inspired Community

This is crypto for the conscious, kind and curious.

A haven for the crypto-inspired to learn and connect

Founded by Tansy Baigent; Crypto Coach, Counsellor, Meditation Teacher and Legal Expert, 

The Crypto Ethic came out of her desire to teach crypto

and to create a crypto community that is centred on conscious connection,

kindness and consideration for the self and others'

The Crypto Ethic however is not simply a haven to learn crypto and discover a beautiful and thriving crypto community, but is a place to vision and generate inspiration for how crypto and blockchain technology can be harnessed for greater ethical good in society.  

It is a place and space to empower and be empowered.


Crypto is there to remind us that money is just energy. 

So where are you going to place yours?

Tansy Baigent believes in this vision of Crypto, she recognises the power of Bitcoin and the

importance of blockchain technology. If you want to join her, and others' in walking this path

why not reach out to her and the whole team at:

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