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Community Makes Crypto

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

For those who don't know me (yet!) I am one of those people who adore others', who cherishes community and who lives for connection.

Everyone is unique, everyone is wholly individual and when you spend time together so much joy is found in this shared experience.

Perhaps it’s stories, personalities, care, kindness, fun(!)

But if anything, the pandemic has taught us the importance of social interaction – we humans are social creatures!

And so my piece today is a little homage/tribute to this.

My passion for the crypto space is intimately entwined with my passion for community, because crypto is all about community.

The very nature of Bitcoin is distributed, decentralised digital technology and money.

In-built then is the necessity of a community; For without people willing to use the technology, willing to support the project, and willing to give value to the asset it produces, Bitcoin could not work. But fortunately they do and it does, and so as more cryptocurrencies emerged the sentiment of community, collaboration, and collective benefit reflects the very essence of what crypto is.


And as we are on the topic of collaboration and support, I want to introduce you to Anja Claus—my student, then my close friend and then a formative support in the creation of

The Crypto Ethic.

Anja, an editor, environmentalist and now crypto lover and guide, joined The Crypto Ethic because of her belief in the power of blockchain and crypto currency and their ability to open doors for true global change if we work together to spread the word, spread awareness and educate others.

It is Anja who brings her kind heart and joyful light to all the offerings that The Crypto Ethic provides, from the flagship course, to the community gatherings, and who designs and delivers these beautiful newsletters (and gives me a little nudge at 'writing' time). She is a light beside me, and so this message today is a little homage to her too...Thank you Anja!


With this idea of community in mind, I began constructing my crypto program because I so wanted to connect with like-minded others’. I couldn’t find my tribe.. those people who were willing to step out of the ‘norm’ and to explore and be open to new ways of thinking, and the particular sort that were aligned with the social empowerment, freedom, opportunity, money, technology piece. It did not have to be all of these, but just having an interest in crypto/bitcoin is a pretty good litmus test!

And after starting with private coaching and moving into teaching programs I have been amazed with everyone I have met – I was more right then I had even realized! The people this space attracts are powerful beings. They are willing to step into the unknown, are inspired by possibility, freedom and opportunity rather than restriction, control and the same-old.

And so far I would call every single person a friend.. and because of that this community is more than a ‘collective’ it is a tribe, a family, a group of friends chatting crypto, life and the future of the World!

What could be more empowering?

And where could our tribe take us all when we stand together, rather than apart and alone.


If you aren't a part of our community, but want to be so you can stay up to date on all our offerings, and join our Monthly Gathering.

If you want to work with us or collaborate or have offerings that our community would love, please reach out!

With crypto blessings, Until next time,

Tansy x

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1 Comment

Aug 27, 2022

Oh Tansy the gift you bring to this ecology lies in the care and commitment you embody - a beautiful introduction of Ajna who is such a valuable contributor to this space,

I can't wait to see the transformation and the impact we can have inside and outside - much love.


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