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Fall into your Power

As I write to you beneath an endless grey sky, with wind harassing the golden leaves, coaxing them to fall, and a bitter rain whispering on the windows - a taunting reminder of the blessings of having a warm home - I can feel how this weather is not just in existence in the external World but that these feelings of a harrowing 'greyness' is pervading the inner worlds of so many during these times of instability and insecurity.

The warmth of summer sun (in the northern hemisphere) and the lift of inner and outward energy has been replaced by the 'fall', the descent into a winter of the outer and inner world.

Yet within us there is a powerful and nourishing warmth, the warmth of our own inner fire - always aglow - but sometimes forgotten or doused by fear or self doubt.

This fire inside can be nourished, can be extended as we feel into the nature of our individual power and sovereignty. As we ask not 'why is it this way' but 'what can I do'?, as we ask not for the world to change, but for us (together) to change the world.

Draw your perspective up and out... look down on the path on which you have been walking (see how it stretches far back into the past) and how it stretches on into the future. And know that whatever happens, whatever you do, you will always be 'you'. The soul you came into the world with is the soul you will leave with. And they are here to experience, to learn, to grow.

What can you take with you when you leave?

Not money, not physical beauty, not property or people..

Instead you take your greatest riches... 'you'.

Your light. Your power. Your essence. Your love.

One day there will be no tomorrow. So be who you want to be today.

If the story feels hard, go and sit beside those inner fires, let them nourish you, hold you, comfort you and remind you that you have the strength you need to move through this part of your path with resilience, with support (inner and outer), and with love.


And of course if you have been following crypto/bitcoin you will have seen that it has not been immune from the fall and wintry pause, with prices declining or remaining low.

And yet, the embers have never gone out, the inner crypto fires burn, perhaps hidden from global eyes, but there are thousands of people across the World working through this fall and we are seeing so many incredible projects being built and worked on; from sustainable energy resourcing to decentralised social media platforms to cities adopting Bitcoin as legal tender (Lugano, Switzerland) - the power is there, and in this time of external 'greyness' it is growing. And, as with all falls, winters, and moments of retreat, they should not be seen as 'lacking' without substance ...but as periods of preparations for the 'rise'. In all winters there requires a powerful level of commitment to the bigger vision. An enduring patience to be practised in order to fully embrace all the power of new life. We live in cycles.

Summer will come.

In the meantime embrace this time of hibernation to learn, listen, grow roots beneath the ground.. preparing for the moment of break through.

And if you need some guidance I offer 1:1 crypto coaching (and therapeutic counselling), if you are ready to learn about bitcoin and the crypto space then discover our options HERE

Or if you would like to be in the presence of me and Anja as we chat casually about crypto and bitcoin the follow our new channel on youtube where we put out new videos EVERY Sunday. Be well, stay connected and remember to tend to the flames of your own inner fire With love, Tansy

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