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The Voice of The Crypto Ethic

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

You have found your way to The Crypto Ethic and we are SO excited to welcome you!

Life takes us on an unusual path, often to places where we never thought we'd go. Perhaps you finding your way here is one such path, perhaps me creating this space was another. But when paths cross, collide and coalesce the most extraordinary magic can emerge and I want you to know you being here, reading this, is part of that magic.

This extraordinary community has grown out of the minds of SO many. From those that helped to forge it, to those that helped to inform it, to those who are in it AND to the thousands of people who have created or believed in crypto enough to build on it, work with it or publicise it so that it can find its way into our individual and collective paths. It is a gift.

And yes, you can probably tell that this space and this community and all the learning is built through heart. Everything starts with the heart. But what this community is and what the coaching teaches is anything but wishy washy. Everything (and more) that could be taught elsewhere is taught within the courses offered and yet the most important part is also included (that so many others' override to their detriment) and that is a deep understanding of the connection between this space and money, authority and fear. And within the vast majority of us there is healing that is needing to be done.

This space can be deeply empowering and enriching but it's important to begin to recognise that we are not simply thinkers, but feelers, and empowerment comes from within the latter and so we must also address the fears we hold and as these release the empowerment we feel and the financial freedom we feel is real. Particularly as we realise with true understanding that money is just energy.

If you feel inspired.. join the community (for just £4 per month & access a monthly Q&A), sign up to one of our courses, enquire about private coaching ( or book in a complimentary 15 min call with The Crypto Ethic founder, Tansy Baigent then take this opportunity to follow the flow of your curiosity. She is looking forward to meeting you..

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