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All the Little Lights

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Here in the UK it is another overcast morning (we have had a lot of these lately) yet the grey is a little brighter than usual and I can just about feel it.. there's a sliver of glittering optimism in this wintry air.

On my adventures across country to visit friends and during my little local shopping and work missions I have noticed the steady unfurling of festive decorations; and as the sparkling lights illuminate walls, trees and cosy interiors with every flicker there's a message of warmth and hope.

And in these times of reflection I am reminded that these twinkling Christmas lights are not simply about tradition, they are a preparation of the celebration of new light soon to be coming, a means of carrying us through the darkest time of the year, and a reminder that even in the dark times we can find, and 'be', the light we need.

In summer the power is there and accessible, but in winter it must be conjured, and nourished, and tended to. The energies available may seem so different but they are both imperative to our wellbeing and all life which relies on cycles of death and rebirth, rest and restoration.

In the world of crypto we are also experiencing a winter, a crypto winter as many like to call it, but it too has little lights which illuminate the darkness, offering hope and self reflection.

These are the lights of the knowledgable figures and voices in the space who continue to do good work, educate and explore the ongoing development of projects and so just like the candles and fairy-lights of these festive times, these voices help to carry the community through the darkness.

And Bitcoin..

...well Bitcoin is just like the sun. It is always there, always powerful, always inherently unchanging, and so just like the days we are experiencing here, its light is simply being temporarily obscured by clouds, clouds of uncertainty of sentiment.

But as a technology it remains wholly unaffected by that sentiment, all that the clouds do is impact its' dollar value. Which affects you if you are only interested in bitcoin as a short term investment, but means little when you are interested purely in the technology or as a long term investment (waiting for mass adoption).

Do you want to use this time for education around Bitcoin?

Do you want to develop or deepen your understanding of what Bitcoin is, why it's important and how you can get involved (as safely as you are comfortable with)?

2023 is going to be a BIG year and a HUGE opportunity for you to get involved (and really no excuse not to) we will be offering so many opportunities for learning at many levels and so this IS the time to assign some attention to this extraordinary journey and community.

So to begin, in February 2023 we will be hosting a virtual live 'Bitcoin for Women' weekend course - a powerful 3 day course that will take your bitcoin understanding and money mindset to powerful new levels (with some money-healings included!).

Then, in March 2023, we will be running our incredible Flagship Program - 'Bitcoin Beginner to Basic Trader' where you will be part of a gorgeous community learning about bitcoin, money, and the whole crypto space together, and developing a strategy that you are comfortable with as you learn to navigate this crypto world autonomously - the ultimate in taking power back over your money.

Then in June 2023 (I'm so excited to be letting you know that..) we will be hosting a Money & Mountain retreat in Chamonix, France!

This will be perfect for you if you wish to learn about money, Bitcoin and money-manifestation in person whilst enjoying everything the mountains have to offer with stunning walks, massages and yoga.*

Not only will I be there to help you directly with all your technical and practical questions, to guide you in manifestations and meditation, there will also be deep enquiries into the nature of bitcoin, money and value, and you will leave having been deeply nourished by the mountains and local environment.

*All levels welcome, those who know more about Bitcoin will have more opportunities for personal healing, walks and sightseeing,

If you want to join or find out more about this extraordinary and wholly unique retreat (prices will be scaled to allow for differences in circumstances and travel requirements) please e-mail me/us: spaces are limited and will be snapped up fast, so if you are considering joining, reach out now.

Then in September 2023 we will be hosting another virtual, live weekend course, a 'Bitcoin for All' weekend course - a powerful 3 day course that will take your bitcoin understanding and money mindset to powerful new levels.

If you want to join any of these opportunities to learn about Bitcoin with a lovely community of others' then you can either book-in a consult call with me, or e-mail us:

And for ALL upcoming 2023 programs, courses and retreats, if booked before January 15th you will receive 10% off the final price!


Now, we've covered our news, let's dive into what's been happening in the World of crypto over the last 2 weeks..

- Did you know that traditional finance is moving into crypto?

Banks are getting more and more involved in this space, despite their public protestations; for example Goldman Sachs is funnelling millions of investment dollars into crypto-asset firms and is supporting in the launch of a data service for classifying digital assets

For those who dismiss Bitcoin (the combination of a digital currency designed on top of a digital blockchain) it will be surprising to hear that banks and governments around the World actually think it is an impressive idea.

So exceptional that they have appropriated the idea.

However what they don't like about Bitcoin is that it is decentralised (i.e anyone can use it/be a part of it's inner workings), so they are copying the technology but centralising it - meaning they have complete control over the digital asset (money), and the wallet it is held in.

- Jack Mallers, Strike CEO and huge proponent of the Bitcoin Lightning Network (a high speed, low cost bitcoin payment layer) is putting his focus on Africa, with plans to significantly improve the settlement of payments which are taking place throughout Africa (currently Ghana, Kenya & Nigeria) by utilising the Lightning Network, in order to bring the benefits of this technology to those who most need it.

Jack Mallers is a man who just wants to get things done. He wants the World to move toward Bitcoin and as other's debate and buy, he is out there making waves and linking communities and businesses. It is always so powerful to see how much can be achieved when you focus on what you want and go for it.

- The FTX founder (Sam Bankman-Fried) refuses to testify in US House Committee after the disastrous multi-billion dollar collapse of the crypto-asset trading firm.

Many in this space struggle to understand how a man who stole billions in client funds has still yet to be charged with a single crime. Following this story certainly gives cause to pause, especially in how he is being portrayed in the media. And how, despite FTX being a centralised organisation which was misappropriating customer funds, the narrative has leapt on decentralisation and bitcoin as being somehow to blame.

Keeping up with what's going on in the space can be challenging as the conversation never slows or stops. But offering a few little snapshots of news from across the space I hope is useful to touch on.

However it's important to remember that once you learn and understand about Bitcoin, you don't need to do much more, it is the gold of the space and is the technology that is most disruptive to traditional finance and pivotal to personal freedom as we move deeper into a digitalised World.


My final thoughts that I want to share come back to you, to your connection with yourself, to your power, and to your relationship with money and technology.

It is so important as we look ahead at the distant future, at next year and even at tomorrow, that we give thought to how we want to live, what freedoms we desire, what relationship we want to have to the World around us and to our individual and collective power within it.

Bitcoin is more than the sum of its' parts, it is about encouraging us to think about what money is, how we interact with it, and how we may be being controlled by it.

In future letters I will offer tools, techniques and tips to support the process of empowerment and financial healing.

Would you like to join a monthly Money Mindset and Manifestation session in which I guide you into a healthy relationship to money, encourage reflection and inspire you to dream?

Register here:

With so many bitcoin blessings,

Tansy x


Tansy Baigent is Founder and Lead Coach of The Crypto Ethic

She is a professional Bitcoin Coach, Money Mindset Mentor, Holistic Counsellor, Womens' Empowerment Coach and Healer.

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Tansy this is beautiful. Thank you for shining your gorgeous light ✨

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