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Learn the essentials of bitcoin, blockchain and digital wallets. Examine your relationship to money and sovereignty and begin building the fulfilling and abundant life you deserve.


Professional Bitcoin & Empowerment Coach

A professional Bitcoin coach, empowerment counsellor and healer; Tansy embodies the meaning of an empowered life, choosing to live in abundance and in a joyful relationship with money and self value. Understanding Bitcoin has helped her live her best life. Now, she wants to help you live yours!

A unique virtual women's weekend to gather with others' and to learn or deepen your understanding of bitcoin

Image by Dmitry Demidko

What you'll learn:


Learn about Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home with this experiential webinar. We'll focus on the most important aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain and how it can benefit us all


We'll give you tips for how to buy and hold your bitcoin safely and securely. We'll introduce you to a digital wallet, and we will be on hand for support and guidance.


Boost your emotional and physical well-being by understanding your relationship to money and value. Learn skills to stay calm in crises and manifest abundance and wellbeing in your life.

This is a weekend that has been designed wholly with women in mind, and the safety and supportive energy that can be found in a course that is designed and held by women. 


The course will include the essentials when it comes to understanding bitcoin and the technology behind it, and will introduce you to one basic wallet* to help you get started in the space (however whether you choose to buy any bitcoin is wholly up to you - we are not financial advisors and will not recommend purchasing any coins)


*If the wallet that we discuss is not available in your country then we will do our best to accommodate finding you a wallet in your region.


This will be a broad and powerful course to help you not only begin your journey into the world of bitcoin, but to guide you to examine your relationship with money itself.


The weekend will include taught 'class' elements, time for Q&A, break out rooms to build conversation and connection, meditation and money-mindset work, as well as practical wallet set-up and support.


You will be guided and supported throughout by The Crypto Ethic Founder and Lead Coach, Tansy Baigent.


If you have any questions about this course, or any others' please e-mail us at:


We look forward to welcoming you onto the course, and if desired, into or beautiful community of like-minded women who have taken the step, just like you are doing, to learn about bitcoin so you can decide for yourself what you think about it.

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