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The Gift of Self Value

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

This time of year is always a hive of activity, with presents being purchased, Christmas lists getting checked off, and the calendar days being counted down...

And yet, although there is still a need for organisation and preparations, this year the devotion of energy seems a lot more subdued than usual.

Everything feels a little more tempered, a little more mellow, a little more spacious. And this pace in fact feels perfect.

In this relative slowness and sensibility there is more opportunity to remain present and to make more considerate choices about how to spend time and exchange value; with togetherness perhaps taking precedent over indulgences, quality taking precedent over quantity.

Have you found yourself navigating this years' festive period in a similar vein of contemplation?

Staying nourished, present and reflective - all speak so perfectly to this time of year and the energies of the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere) as it marks the long night of midwinter.

And in moments of reflection, particularly as we begin our steady rise towards Spring, it is important to consider what we desire to ‘give birth to’ (to create, to pay attention to) when Aries grasps the seasonal flame. What is stirring within? Perhaps it is not yet ready to be expressed but is simply being held and tended-to in the darkness?

Or perhaps it is not a creation but a new journey or relationship that you desire?

Perhaps one found across seas, or one found within books, dreams or courses, or perhaps a renewed relationship to money, value and/or yourself?

If its' a renewed relationship to money, value, yourself and/or bitcoin then we have so many resources to support you

We too are stirring in the darkness, with much being tended-to behind the scenes in order to make March 2023 a powerful initiation for learning and growing.

Not only will we be running our bitcoin flagship program - Bitcoin Beginner to Basic Trader, where we teach about money, value and bitcoin - we will also be hosting two separate course by coaches in the community, one which will focus on how you can explore your personal relationship to value (as it is expressed through your chart), and another which explores the physical embodiment of value.

Value lies at the heart of the human experience, and so building our self value, expressing our value, and exchanging value are all pivotal to positive and powerful growth in all areas of life.

Investing in changing your relationship to value, money and bitcoin is truly a long-lasting investment in you.

If you are interested in joining the early-bird offerings for any of these courses please e-mail us at: and we will send you all the details, once they are listed on the website (mid January) the full price list will apply.

And, if you would like to join a monthly 'Money Mindset and Manifestation' session in which I guide you into a healthy relationship to money, encourage reflection and inspire you to dream, you can register here:

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and to say that those of you known and unknown, I value you all.. it is through unique and inspired souls that the World shifts and changes.. and through all of you changes have been made which have already begun to change the future.. you are all powerful, all important, all inherently valuable.

With so many blessings

Tansy x


Tansy Baigent is Founder and Lead Coach of The Crypto Ethic

She is a professional Bitcoin Coach, Money Mindset Mentor, Holistic Counsellor, Womens' Empowerment Coach and Healer (for healing/counselling book her here)

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