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Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

There is an old Japanese proverb that says "fall seven times, stand up eight" and it reminds me of the many hugely successful authors, entrepreneurs, business owners who always tell of how their success did not come without failure. Plenty of failure. But it was just that they continued their journey until they succeeded.

What would our journey be if success came easily, if everything flowed exactly as we hoped and planned. Would we have the most joyful life, or would we become complacent? Or would we have had a pleasant life, but devoid of deep and meaningful lessons around the hardest questions? In my life I have thousands of examples of moments of 'failure' or excruciating challenge, places that I thought I might not come back from or that I could find no sense in the experience: from my father passing, to relationship break-ups, to losing money, to missed opportunities, to life-altering injuries. But at each point I remembered what my father would say "every experience, whether good or bad, is a good experience. Because in the bad experiences we learn the most, and so ultimately they have to be good." And he was right. I have no idea what my life would have been like without these challenges, where I would be…but I can say that the blessings that have come into my life would not have been possible without the trauma—it was the trauma that lead me deeper into spiritual work which has brought extraordinary experiential wealth into my life, and has placed me on my path of destiny. I know that currently the World feels challenging for many of us, if not for all of us. Few are immune to the emotional, psychological, physical (financial/secure) effects of the War in Ukraine, Covid, Global fiscal policy, and continual environmental change. And then of course we have the challenges in Crypto for those who are invested. Challenges from continual price decline to blockchain project and platform collapses. I am not able to sugarcoat any of what we are experiencing at this time, it is exactly as it is. This is the external present. And maybe we have choices to respond by taking action, maybe we don't. Maybe we have power or autonomy to act, maybe we don't.

But there is another present, the internal present. And this is a place in which we do have choice, we do have autonomy, we do have power, we do have control. In this life we have someone who is always with us, who will live through every challenge, every illness, every experience until our last breath. We have ourselves. And this is the relationship that most calls for your attention in this moment, that most needs your love, affection, unconditional support. And at these times of breakdown of the structures and systems around us. A breakdown of perceptions of security.

Go within, find the power of being you, of being alive, of being able to experience challenge with courage and love and deeper wisdom. To let go of shame, or blame, or pain. This will only hurt you. And you do not deserve that hurt. You deserve unconditional love and support. And so, no matter what you are experiencing, you can rise from within…. Perhaps this reflection is less 'crypto' focussed than you expected, but I believe that at this time, we need to recognise the holistic nature of our experience and to see that in all areas of life this is a challenging time, with great lessons. But the lessons are not about changing the external, but around changing the internal. Moving from fear to love. [If you'd like help with this process, please reach out, I offer private therapy/counseling to help you find and live from your power and joy (send an e-mail to] ******* The Crypto Ethic sits in the middle space between self awareness and crypto/financial understanding, blending the emotional, psychological (and sometimes spiritual/energetic) with the practical and the physical. The Crypto Ethic offers a new way to teach—to recognise the human being, not just the human doing. With all my deepest blessings, Tansy x

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