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Expanding Sense of Value

A devotional commitment..

Monika Bravo - I am OPTimist, 2019 Home-arrangement

The pilgrimage of truth

The intention is set, the path awaiting, and the journey is the destination, what matters now is the courage and surrendering to the willingness to experience.

-Unknowns are always tricky

Preparing the goods, taking time to question what is the ultimate intention for the upcoming journey I envision towards the next frontier.

-What are the valuable ideas and thoughts I would like to meet down the road that will give meaning to the journey?

Devotional commitment, So what am I exploring?

The relationship to what I value will always give meaning to my urge to live in truth.

Faith is the practice of that intuitive pulse

Surrender is the practice of that truth.

I sometimes see my vision as very optimistic - expansive, and capable of grounding the spirit, creating a flow with materiality, inspired by a motivation to share all creative practices with an open heart, as the Moon is the ruler of my North Node in Cancer 5th house. My intense 9th-house Scorpio Moon meets in a balsamic phase with the gentle 10th-house Neptune. My natal Jupiter is in a 3-degree balsamic or dissolving relationship to my Sun, Mercury Rx conjunction in my Taurus third house ruled by Venus in Gemini.

The key is to keep it flowing, synthesizing the needs that at times are more terrestrial than celestial.

Truth is experienced as inner knowledge not as a belief since it would mean I have yet to meet its truth. Belief or faith is action based at times condensed in rituals. The emotional body contains many instances with memories that were encapsulated and shaped by events, they helped delineate the outcomes as a form of absolute truth.

Yet in the journey as the path is walked or ridden, and perspectives start to change, it is the ripe time that shows belief in a different form.

We are at the Post-eclipses station slowly shifting and wanderers of the Axis of shared, and individual Needs-Values. Before we define life entirely and close ourselves to believing that Fate is doomed, a bit of air and adventure is set on the horizon, the next 9 months are going to show a glimpse of infinite possibilities, and the number of options will depend on which frequency each person with their emotions-thoughts is vibrating-

Intention - attention - presence. The codes from the celestial wisdom

I see myself in a wave of beautiful encounters and joyful moments, meeting old and new companions from this and other lives.

The lunar Nodes will change Gates on November 27 leaving the Gravity center and its 1st and 2nd fundamental hexagram/gates. The celestial creative emanating life generates the potential for evolution as the Earth receives and offers a direction.

The monopole is where these two polarities meet, and where the trinity can occur. The I AM - the SO HUM सो ऽहम् - ἐγώ εἰμι equation that liberates each individual from the past.

In the Daoist book of changes the Yi Jing, the trigram represents the trinity as heavenly Yang, Earthly Yin, and humanity in between must synthesize the experience the polarities on the Earth realm.

In all ancient cultures, the trinity refers to the Earth's experience of the journey of surrendering to one’s truth. In Christianity, the symbology of the Father (heaven), the conception (Earth) giving birth to a child (humanity) that in other words translates manifestation itself. Or the desire the soul has to experience evolution.

道生一. 一生二. 二生三. 三生萬物. 萬物負陰而抱陽. 沖氣以為和. 人之所惡唯孤寡不穀, 而王公以為稱. 故物或損之而益. 或益之而損. 人之所教, 我亦教之. 強梁者不得其死. 吾將以為教父.

"The Way produces one. One produces two. Two produces three. Three produces everything. Everything has polar elements in it They interact to achieve harmony. People all hate being isolated, helpless, and wicked, But kings use these words as their titles. Therefore, things can gain from losses And can lose because of gainings. I just teach what I have been taught. Those who willfully go against the Way Will die an undue death, And are fit to be my textbook."

- Translated by Liu Qixuan, Chapter 42. Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) Classic of the Way and Virtue By Lao Tzu (Laozi)


Sourced from: Monika Bravo's Sub-Stack which can be found here

Monika Bravo is contributing her writing to The Crypto Ethic blog as part of a contribution called Deciphers, which will soon be expanding from the purely written form into leading her very own course on value (with a focus on our personal astrology)

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Beautiful Monika - you have such a gift for synthesizing meaning through large threads of time.

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