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Trading & Charts Class

Trading & Charts Class

In this (slightly more advanced) 2.5hr class Tansy talks through what trading is and how to do it; what financial charts are and how to use them; shows which crypto trading exchange she uses; and explains how to put in buy and sell orders.


This class stretches from beginner elements to more advanced elements, this makes it valuable to you if you are just beginning to learn about trading and charts or if you just want a refresher. 


Because of this broader reach some parts of the class may feel advanced to the beginner, however I do recommend it as a way to understand the principles of trading. So if there are some areas that go over your head, don’t worry just absorb what is relevant to you.


As soon as you have made the purchase you will receive a document with all the details of how to access the class (available immediately on google drive). For best results please download the class video.


If you have any questions please contact us at

  • File Format

    The access file will be a PDF, with links to a Google Drive file.

    This file will contain the class video (for best results download it)*

    *You are not permitted to share, reproduce or copy any part of this work.

  • Additional Info

    The video file is a recording of a live (virtual) class which was prepared and taught to those in the Inner Circle (of the Crypto Ethic community). The general name given to these classes is 'Symposium' (or Advanced Class).


    To join these live please look at our 'community' or 'learn' pages

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