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Bitcoin and the Current Macro-Economic Landscape

As always the crypto space has been keeping us all on our toes, with a little bit of price movement of Bitcoin to the upside this week, after a recent $18k low, and plenty of news about new innovation continuing in the space.

When assessing the current price of Bitcoin it is important to consider the macro-economic landscape; both to determine whether the price could go lower, but also to become more aware of its’ long term potential.

One of those excellent speakers on macro-economics is Preston Pysh, and the episode he did on "What Bitcoin Did" (youtube and podcast) is fantastic—so fantastic that we have included it within our posts below, as I do recommend a listen (not just for those who are interested in Bitcoin, but for those who are interested in the wider economic climate).

And perhaps here I will just speak to my own thoughts about the price of Bitcoin at any given moment…and that is that its’ price is far less relevant and important than the overall 'value' of bitcoin. That is, Bitcoin's ability to change the course of the financial arena of the future, to diminish the emergence of boom and bust economics, to offer incorruptible money and an incorruptible system of storing historical transactions (a ledger), and an opportunity for the World to participate in this future.

And many would argue that the price we see now in no way reflects the true value of Bitcoin, not simply because of its' benefits to the World, but because there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin in existence...and currently 19 million have already been mined.

The direction of the macro-economic story, like the climate change story, is not going to change. Instead it is up to us to change; to adapt; to invest in the technologies that can pave the way to a better, more inclusive, more healthy, more joyful World. It is not up to me to tell you what those technologies are...but we cannot keep walking the old path, whether we want to or not, the World is changing.

And here we have the power to participate in the unfurling of new possibility, the power to invest in the potential of a better World—for without the new (and a symbolic death of the old), a slow and suffering demise is inevitable.

Let us live in our potential, let us lead with possibility, let us be empowered by positivity. Let us be the proactive forces that help to change the World.

With love, light and bitcoin blessings,


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