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Introduction to
Bitcoin for Beginners

Explore the nature of bitcoin, blockchain and money to help you redesign your relationship to money, power and value, to help you lead a fulfilling and abundant life.


Professional Bitcoin & Empowerment Coach

A professional Bitcoin coach and veteran in the wellness industry, Tansy embodies the meaning of an empowered life, choosing to live in abundance and in a joyful relationship to money and value. Understanding Bitcoin has helped her live her best life. Now, she wants to help you live yours!

Image by Dmitry Demidko

What you'll learn:


Learn about Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home with this experiential webinar. We'll focus on the most important aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain and how it can benefit us all


We'll give you tips for how to buy and hold your bitcoin safely and securely. And explore your own relationship to money and get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session.


Boost your emotional and physical well-being by understanding your relationship to money and value. Learn skills to stay calm in crises and manifest abundance and wellbeing in your life.

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