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Bitcoin Beginner

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This beginners program is perfect for those wanting to gain entry to Bitcoin and the crypto space. This course will give you access to all the teachings you will need to guide you from complete bitcoin beginner to knowing how to set up a digital wallet, keep your passwords safe, and how to purchase, receive and send bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). You will learn how to create a basic strategy for buying and taking profits, how to remain calm throughout the highs and lows, how to enter and leave the space, and how to manage your risk and safety in the space. You will receive access to all the pre-recorded coaching calls and supporting online materials, however I would recommend using the coaching calls as markers for the start of a new week. With this course you will receive 3 months of monthly coaching calls (with Q&A) to ask all the questions you may have. This course is not just about learning, earning and inspiring the world to change, it is also about making beautiful new connections. Everyone in the program will have access to a supportive community within which you can share successes, inspiration, support and friendship. With the knowledge and structure that you will gain throughout this course you can leave with deeper crypto knowledge and essential and direct know-how.

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GBP 599.00


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