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Crypto Beginner to Basic Trader

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The Crypto Beginner to Basic Trader is our flagship 12 week program (each month can be purchased individually via recordings should you prefer this) that will introduce you to the full crypto landscape. Guiding you through wallet-set up, building an effective strategy, moving coins and minimising risks.

This course in essence provides you with a roadmap to the crypto space, so that you can learn to navigate it independently and confidently.

It has taken years of being in the space to create a course that offers a clear overview of the crypto space and helps you access it with clear instructions, support and videos/classes.


This is a comprehensive program which will give you access to all the teachings you will need to guide you from complete crypto beginner to a crypto basic trader (invaluable for long term success in the space). 

We use a blend of money meditations and technical coaching to help you to get the most out of this learning, as being in the crypto space or being invested is not just a matter of understanding the technology and how to use it, it is also a matter of understanding yourself and your beliefs around, or relationship to, money, technology, authority, responsibility.

It is an exciting journey of self discovery and new technical exploration!

This is a taught program with online materials that includes:


 - Step by step online program content (videos & text)


 - A weekly class with taught material (live or recorded)


- Crypto community access and engagement




Month One: Topics


  • Developing your strategy 

  • Wallets, exchanges and apps (descriptions)

  • Onboarding (and off-boarding)

  • Bitcoin fundamentals

  • Storing your keychains & passwords

  • Staying safe in the space

  • Altcoins

  • Stablecoins

  • Sending coins around the space

  • Hodling, skimming, trading

  • Crypto cards


Month 2: Topics 

  • Blockchain Technology

  • The psychology 

  • Staying calm

  • Centralised vs Decentralised Finance

  • News & Traditional Markets

  • Decentralized wallets and exchanges


Month 3: Topics

  • Chart Essentials

  • Learning to read a chart

  • Setting up your chart

  • Indicators

  • NFT’s

  • Bull market vs Bear market

  • Spot trading

Once in the program you will gain our full support (and knowledge) to help you navigate and deepen your understanding of the crypto space. We will also help you to learn the essential skills that you will need to manage your money with clarity and autonomy (an incredibly empowering feeling).


There is also a strong focus on maintaining a balanced mindset and helping to heal your relationship to money, technology and power.

You can participate in this course through SELF STUDY (recordings and online course materials, completed at your own pace) or LIVE (live online classes with online materials, completed within 15 weeks)

If you choose:


You will have access to all the online materials, 12 class recordings, a single 30 min private review/Q&A session (taken at anytime you choose), plus annual access to the online community space (and private community for those self-studying the course).


Add-ons: You can 'upgrade' your self study course by adding 1-2 additional private 30 min review sessions

You can choose to purchase each 'month' individually or purchase the whole course (purchasing the whole course - all three months - is offered at a discount). 

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Study the course 'live' and have the opportunity to participate in the live classes, where you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and connect with beautiful others' who will help to support you on your learning journey.


The live course includes: 12 live classes, 2x 30 min reviews (one midway and one at the end of the course), 4x additional live Q&A's throughout the 3 month program, and 3 month access to the online community space (and private community for those studying the course).

The next live course is scheduled for September (we do have a minimum requirement of 7 students in order to run the program, and a maximum of 20)

The live classes take place on Sunday's at 7:30pm - 9:45pm (London, UK)

The live course is 12 weeks long, but runs over 15 weeks (with 2 weeks off)

If you are ready to apply, or have any questions, or need any additional information then book a call with us (button below), or send an e-mail to


We can also set up contact with past students if you would like more personalised details about how it feels being in the course and community.

If you want to join or find out more, book a free 15 minute call with Tansy or one of the team

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