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Conscious. Kind. Connected


Start, deepen, or organise 

your crypto learning 

with 1:1 coaching, live or recorded

online courses, or monthly classes


Join a beautiful crypto community 

that gathers' once per month 

and shares regular insights and support.

Or venture deeper and join the

Inner Circle for group coaching

and a monthly class (symposium)


Watch our Crypto Ethic videos

to discover more about us,

the crypto space, and our 

personal insights and visions.

A mix of relaxed crypto conversations,

community chats and classes.


The Crypto Ethic was set up by Tansy Baigent after exploring and learning about the space for

three years. She devised a road-map of the crypto space and created a step by step process

to teach all the essentials that you need to know for confident navigation of the crypto space.

In essence the central focus of The Crypto Ethic is to educate beginners about Bitcoin, blockchain,

crypto (currencies and technology)  as well as supporting the healing of our relationship to money,

technology and power.

To keep a finger on the pulse of this ever-evolving crypto space and follow our

offerings throughout the year sign up to our monthly newsletter.


For any private requests or additional information, do feel free to contact us at

Are you ready to understand and invest in bitcoin? To grow in confidence, and release your fears?

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