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Web3 Class

Web3 Class

In this (slightly more advanced) 2.5hr class Tansy explains the difference between Web3 and Web 3.0.


Both are concepts of a new iteration of the world wide web which envision a better version of the internet by enabling users to have more control over their data (and how it is used) and that data is stored in a way that enables it to be used easily across the internet.


However they are not the same thing, and Tansy outlines why.




As soon as you have made the purchase you will receive a document with all the details of how to access the class (available immediately on google drive). For best results please download the class video.


If you have any questions please contact us at

  • File Format

    The access file will be a PDF, with links to a Google Drive file.

    This file will contain the class video (for best results download it)*

    *You are not permitted to share, reproduce or copy any part of this work.

  • Additional Info

    The video file is a recording of a live (virtual) class which was prepared and taught to those in the Inner Circle (of the Crypto Ethic community). The general name given to these classes is 'Symposium' (or Advanced Class).


    To join these live please look at our 'community' or 'learn' pages

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